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Holiday Travel India – Best Journeys in India with Swadeshi Journeys !! 

What an incredible tour Journey i had with Swadeshi Journeys –

Me and my husband had an Incredible India Journey with Swadeshi Journeys ! We cull a very personalized Two weeks of Northern India Trip with Central part of India along the Ganges – Varanasi. Utterly this tour of India make some sense of our most Remarkable Holidays in India, India is such a lovely and fascinating country and the people are very welcoming through all the states we Traveled, the most commonly thing I found is the smiling faces with very immense heart. If we talk about India – I don’t think so we can describe it but I am pretty much sure that it’s an eye opening country for every Nomad Traveler.

One of the idolized of history, Cultural, spiritual, Tradition then I will definitely suggest you to visit India at least once in your lifetime, I experienced the most amazing two weeks in Northern Rajasthan Part of India and got the time to meet with the Indian people and I fond of their history and the tradition, which day by day become almost difficult for me to understand because Ordinarily it changes from city to city. Well it’s a deep dark in the early morning and we arrived around 02am at Indra Gandhi Airport ( New Delhi International Airport ) after a long flight but still quite energetic because we were so excited to unpacked many boxes which we saw or read on Internet. After clear the immigration process we finally meet our Travel organizer Girish, who gave us a very Indian traditional welcome.

We usually use the standard hotels during our holidays but we have some mind set up for India about clean and hygiene so we opted for some luxury boutique hotels which was really unpredictable and we are in love with its Heritage property which is hard to find in the any other world. We were extremely excited to start our first day journey of New Delhi, the capital of India is very vast and intriguing city of India about 17million people counted ( Hahaha) second largest city after Mumbai.  We met our Guide whose name is Prem, He is very knowledgeable and friendly and introduced India to us In a very great manner, which would be really helpful for our upcoming days, we are going to Spend in India.

Our Tour program was designed by quite tailor made and quite fast movingly among the popular Rajasthan cities and the touch of Khajuraho & Varanasi, which is doable as we thoroughly enjoyed and learn many things so it was an educational experience for us. Our routing was like Delhi – Jaipur – Jodhpur – Udaipur – Bundi – Ranthambhore – Agra – Orchha – Khajuraho – Varanasi – Delhi ( it may looked a rushed itinerary but I like it because we are visiting the great essence of India although  we had experience of short India train ride and each of these locations have something different to offer us). During the Second day of Journey, our driver Parvat, start interacting with us and he is also very caring and friendly and always before time, one of the best driver in all the driver we met during the Trip because we enjoy his driving about 10Days.

As I keep my words that every city has something different to offer, here you can find our latest pictures:


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