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Joe & Indian Child.

India Journey


India is a land of variety and unique in its own way. When you choose swadeshi journey and India travel package, you will have experience of a life time. We offer best services and best packages. It is not just our India tour packages that make us stand out or the travel services in India that we offer our esteem customers. But our team too consists of members having an experience of years in the travel industry. They will guide you to choose your travel packages according to your preference. Our North India tour services along with the special tour services will savor your travel thirst like none.

If you are a wandering soul, planning a trip to India is a must for you. Visit India and mark your visit to beautiful and exotic places with the best tour operator. We work on offering our travel customers a complete satisfaction with our travel services in India and all the assistance to ease your journey. From the time you land in India to your drop off back we take care of everything. 

We make sure you travel with fun and ease. What our services include: 

Airport Assistance: our car and driver is ready even before you land here. We pick you up from the airport unit. And you get a warm traditional welcome to mark the beginning of your journey with us. We give you the short orientation and answer all questions and provide you the details of your itinerary.

Hotels:  Each & every hotel that you get your accommodation are one of a kind, according to the tour you get to stay in luxury or traditional hotels.  Each place had its own charm & Service is of the quality.

Transport: Our Drivers are experienced and well versed in English to make your communication easy and apt. they are wonderful – and one of the light streaks of the trip. Our transport services are apt and always prompt. The drivers are accommodating, patient and knowledgeable.

Tour Guide: your whole trip is well guided because we believe it is no use to travel to place if you know nothing about it. The scenic beauty amplifies if you know the background. All of the local tour guides were knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions. They filled us in on both historical and present day information that mad the places really interesting for us.

If you are planning your trip do check out with us to get bet deals at affordable prices!

After research on Trip Advisor we contacted Swadeshi Journeys for a bespoke tour around Northern India. This consisted of  ShimlaAgra, JaipurUDAIPUR etc. They were incredibly helpful and accommodating to our needs and yet were considerably cheaper than anything in the UK.

The communication between us and Swadeshi was great and very prompt. We dealt with Mahabir and Girish Singh who were both very professional and had great knowledge of India. They could both also speak and write very good English.

The tour was great and tailored to us perfectly as we got to do the major tourist activities but could also ask to do some more adventurous things. All the hotels were good especially considering our budget. The tour guides provided at the major stops were also great and had very good knowledge and English.


Horse riding.

One of my best memorable moment during our India Journey.

Happiest moment

Amazing moment on India Journey with Swadeshi Journeys .








One of the best parts of our trip was our driver Kedar who was brilliant at keeping you feeling safe in the crazy Indian traffic. He is definitely worth requesting for.

Unlike some of the big companies out there we thought that Swadeshi Journeys brought an authenticity to our travels and we couldn’t have asked for anymore from a travel company. We will look to use them again when we travel to Southern India.

By: Joe Kitchen &Liberty – UK (Aug.13)
(reviews available on Trip advisor as well.)

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