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Journey to India


Yes, India is really a superb Country with so many places and city.. but we choose a north side trip to India and had a magnificent experience with Swadeshi Journeys. when we were planning our trip to India, we wish to cover the following things…..

  1. Elephant Ride
  2. Camel Ride
  3. Jungle Jeep Safari & Tiger Sighting
  4.  Of course Taj Mahal :)
  5. Jaipur
  6. Udaipur and much more lot of Expectations :)
  7. village tour

One of our friend recommend an Indian travel company known as Swadeshi Journeys….  as per my friend’s thesis, we would like to compare Price for our itinerary, as its matter alot ! Finally, we drop a mail to them and after few hours we got a reply of Mr. Singh with two different proposal and itinerary which was really professional and giving us pleasure to cover all the major destination of India including my desire places and activities….. also the charges of Swadeshi company was very little as compare to our local agent. That was really shocking and surprised.  However, we check reviews about Swadeshi on Trip advisor and request them for giving us few recent client reviews and contact nos.  after confirming all the things. We agree and decided to move ahead with Swadeshi.

Now, on our arrival everything as same as we expect. Our driver and representative waiting us for airport. and with a very nice and big Toyota Car. The most wonderful part of our trip is our driver (Mr. Kedar) he is very knowledgeable and experience guy with complete knowledge and we really appreciate his driving sense.

Secondly, the other important part was hotel. we choose 04star hotel and all hotels are very good and clean especially the Radisson one. Also we met different guide city by city, with the help of them we got to know the fantastic facts about all historical monuments and their royalist culture.

Elephant ride at Amer was amazing, Camel ride in Jaisalmer and Jeep Safari at Ranthambore but quite disapointed that we don’t have any sighting of Tigers (may be our bad luck) but thevillage safari & Horse riding at Rohetgarh was amazing and very choosy. the task performed by Snake Charmers around forts was wonderful.

Overall i would highly recommend this organization for a big help & support also Kedar to make our journey more comfortable and safe.

Thank-you once again, i will surely write you regarding my next trip.

D. William. tour Report. 


Airport Assistance: PERFECT ! – When i was arrive on Airport, i was quite tensed about them but after meet and greet with their representative Mr. Girish, Everything seems perfectly perfect and up-to our expectation and desire. He is very calm guy and explained us all the trip from starting to end within couple of minutes and handover all the necessary documents. Really helpful & appreciated.

Hotels:  Nice Clean & modern as per my choices.

Transport: Our Driver was experienced guy and very knowledgeable too. who drove us safely from one state to another and i must say, it was really amazing Journey.  We used Toyota Innova very comfortable car.

Tour GuideVery Well & i learned many things about India. Thank you so much to all.

Additional report : Tour price and all arrangements were fantastic done by Mr. Singh & his team. I really appreciated their thought & thesis. As we compare the price from our Local India tour operators and which was quite expensive, although as  we compared the Price with Indian Travel agency –  Swadeshi journeys and luckily quote is much cheaper. Secondly, i personally suggest you to book the India tour journey with India travel agents only as you got more personal touch and services as they are always ready and present to help you and clarify your questions.

Thanks once again !
I will miss you India !!



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