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When we make travel plans, the hard thing is to decide where to start. We cannot decide the place, hotel to stay, how to travel, whether it should be mountain, beach, or a place that holds history in it. And if the place is a sub-continent India, then it really gets hard to create a perfect itinerary that covers up everything that you desire to see and in a span of time chosen within the budget. No one wants to burn holes in their pocket for the sake of traveling and become bankrupt. To keep things light, easy, and to enjoy India tour is to choose best Tour Operator in India. Yes! I know finding a perfect tour operator is really a hard job to do nowadays as they get increasing with time. India is a place which cannot be travelled without the guidance of Indian travel agents for sure.

Offering India Group Travel by best India Travel Agents

Let me tell you that same has happened to me when recently my partner and I spent two weeks traveling in India. While looking for someone who could guide me through 2-weeks long India tour, I crossed my paths with Swadeshi Journeys and with absolutely no time we booked our tour with Swadeshi Journeys based primarily on a recommendation. You might be thinking what made us book this tour instantly without looking for any other tour operator? Well, the reason behind this is their ultimate tour packages. They have got a wide range of tour packages; from north India tour to yoga tour to golden India tour to heritage tour, they have all in their bucket list for the customers like us who are willing to explore the beauty of India. After exploring an understanding the range of packages, I had no doubts back in my mind that it is best to travel company in India. They also offer tailored tour which was a perfect pick for us and the personalized tour package that we booked with Mahabir Singh and his son Girish turned out to be exactly what we wanted. The tour was a very good value that could not be matched by any Australian group that we know of. While making a plan to travel India there were some key places we knew we wanted to go (Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi) but had no idea about them so we left a lot of the planning up to Swadeshi Journeys and it was the best traveling decision that I had made. Leaving things up to them has turned our journey into extraordinary which wouldn’t have happened if we’d planned things on our own. The smooth itinerary that was a lot of fun covered the key sites we were keen to see but also allowed us time to relax. As we travelled in winter, our train got delayed due to fog and we thought our further tour is gonna spoil but thanks to Swadeshi Journeys that has quickly reorganized our travel plans with a minimum of fuss and without any extra charges that many travel agency in India do when we ask to recreate a tour due to some urgency. This helping gesture and service of Swadeshi had saved our travel plans from spoiling and we didn’t miss any of our planned sightseeing. We have enjoyed our tour to the extreme and all this has happened due to well-planned tour created by them and I am extremely thankful for the way we were looked after by the Swadeshi Journey’s team!

Not just their tours, the team members and the accommodations offered by them were also great and we faced no issues while staying in cosy rooms. Not just the members of the travel agency but they make sure people they hire for pickup and who they put in their service are well-aware with your speaking language so that you don’t have to face any trouble. You might be thinking I am kidding. Well, at all airports, we were met by someone from Swadeshi Journeys, who ensured that our transfers ran smoothly. We had a polite English-speaking driver and they made sure our journey should be comfortable so they issued a very comfortable car for the whole trip. Indian streets are too busy and chaotic and who knows what may come to your path, but thanks to our driver for most of the time was Kedar who was fantastic and made us feel very safe on the hectic Indian streets. The other drivers we had were also polite and made us feel comfortable. For each day of site seeing, we had an English-speaking guide that was organized by Swadeshi journeys. All of our guides were polite and importantly, extremely knowledgeable on the history of the sites we were visiting.

In our tailored itinerary by Swadeshi Journeys, we flew into Delhi for three nights where they had covered almost all the heritage sites and famous places of Delhi. We saw sites such as Akshardham temple, the Red Fort, Old Delhi, QutubMinar, the Lotus temple and the list is long. After spending three fabulous days in Delhi, our next destination was Jaipur where we spent three nights. I must say, Jaipur is a city of colors and culture. There we had an elephant ride, visited the Amber Fort, JantarMantar, HawaMahal, and not forgetting the busy and colorful streets and markets of Jaipur. After this, we traveled to Ranthambore national park taking up the sites of rural Eastern Rajasthan along the way. We spent two nights in Ranthambore and went on two jungle safari tours. We were very lucky to see a Tiger here in winter and this was a highlight of the trip! Next, we spent a night in Agra to visit the TajMahal, which is more impressive in person than I could have imagined! We then returned to Delhi as we transferred to Varanasi. We spent two nights in Varanasi where we toured old Varanasi and attended the Aarti ceremony on the banks of the Ganges, took a morning boat ride on the Ganges and visited Sarnath and the Varanasi Hindu University.

Our trip to India was magical, partly due to the great people and organization at Swadeshi Journeys. For anybody considering traveling to India, I thoroughly recommend it and I thoroughly recommend the services of Swadeshi Journeys. They are the best tour operator in India that lets you explore India at ease while making sure their valuable customers doesn’t get bankrupt.

By: Mr. Joshua Paterson
PERTH, Jan.2014



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