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Travel in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

the heart of India, traveling in Madhya Pradesh is the place where you find a great Mythology , mystery of history, UNESCO world heritage monument and exotic natural beauty abounding wildlife sanctuaries, Royal forts and Spectacular Palaces, art, craft & culture, spiritualism, religion and moreover adventure all come in a once small package of Madhya Pradesh tourism which not only gives a immense pleasure and amazing tour experience in the second largest geographical state of India. 

Tracing its History: – 

The Mythological lore of Ujjain and Omkareshwar dates the existence of this blessed land of pre historic times. The Stupa, toranas at Sanchi are a reflection of the Buddhist culture that thrived in the region between the 3rd Century BC to 12th Century AD.

From the powerful Mauryans, Sungas, Kanvas, Vatakas, Vardhanas, Guptas and Chandelas to the Mughals and the British Empire have all shaped the history of Madhya Pradesh. each have added to the art , culture , trade and lifestyle the region. It was a central spot on many ancient trade Caravan routes.


Tourist Attractions :

Bhopal – Believed to have been founded by Raja Bhoj in 2nd Century AD, Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. It is an amalgamation of the old city, offering glimpses of a royal era gone by, and the new one projection a modern facade. known as the city of Lakes, the Bada Talab and the Chota Talab are the most prominent.

Ujjain : –



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