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Travel for free

How To Travel The World For Free?

Traveling the world for free?

Yes, you read it right and indeed, we ain’t kidding on this! Travelling has been one of the activities that give you an opportunity to escape into a different world, skip your daily routine, and see the world in a complete exclusive way. The world is full of beautiful architecture and natural scenery that sways you off your feet. However, there is no rocket science to understand that to be a backpacker, a traveler you need to save a lot and then invest in some traveling. Like any other person, if you too thought that traveling cannot be free, you need to scroll down and read the complete article to know how to travel the world for free. Traveling makes you meet new people, know the cultures of the city, explore beauties of the world and what not! However, to know the best about a place is to meet the locals. And won’t that be best if you are able to stay with the locals and also not spend a penny for your stay? Indeed, an opportunity difficult to reject! Traveling to new places, fulfilling your passion for travel could never be thought to be so easy.


You might be surprised to hear that you can travel the world for free, but this a sincere truth we speak. Adding to this, there are several ways that can make your traveling a lot cheaper. Hovos, is the answer to your question on How to travel the world for free. Hovos, is a place where you get connected to volunteers and hosts. Volunteers- the people who want to travel living among the locals and at a lesser price, or spending the least of it. Whereas, the hosts are the people who need the help of people in some of their work and in return offer place to stay and eat to the volunteers.

It may also happen that you do not just , but also earn in exchange for the work you do along with the food and stay. These all might be sounding so exciting and you must have gone through an adrenaline rush after getting acknowledged of not just free stay to a new place, but earning a few bucks too!

Nothing in this world comes for free, however shedding some sweat and spending a few hours in doing a temporary job in order to travel the world for free, is no bad toss. The deal is simple, you offer a helping hand to the host that seeks for help in some work and in return, you travel the world with free stay and free meals.


Volunteer to Travel the world for free with Hovos

Travel the world for free with Hovos

Travel the world for free with Hovos

Well, Hovos is a global platform, where you can register yourself as a volunteer. There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to sign up as a volunteer. Answer a few questions, which lets Hovos know what kind of work you can offer help for and recommend you a list of volunteers available in the city, where you dream of traveling for free. While traveling you meet new people, however, along with Hovos you do not just know How to travel the world for free but meet the local people, know them and their cultures closely. And for this, all you need to do is help the host with some routine projects and you are good to go!

Travelling not just makes you see the world with a different perspective but when you travel solo, you are more disciplined and situations guide you to take decisions with an immediate action. How to travel the world for free, must have made you think several options, like maybe some website offering deals, through which you receive credits and discounts, right? Well, no! Hovos, does not offer you such deals but you are the one who volunteers to do some work for the host you choose for and get free accommodations and meals.

Below we list you a few tasks that will fetch your answers on how to travel the world for free.


Accomplish an Agricultural Task to get free accommodation

If you have a good hand in gardening and can do some garden stuff like cutting the grass, planting trees, or building a tree house and related stuff, you can choose a host that needs such help and in return you are offered meals, place to stay and voila, you are traveling the world for free. The best part about such tasks is that the work you do is temporary and you are paid off well. Of course, when you can travel the world for free, and additionally get paid for it what can be a better pay than this?

Remember the days when you used to help your parents with the gardening work and sometimes or more often for free? Well, the situation is pretty same, you do the gardening work that sometimes involves construction, planting and trimming the grass, however, getting an all paid expense on your travel stay and meals. The treat might also include some pay amount as well. So,travel places by registering to Hovos.

Teach English and get paid for your travel expense

There is a phase in life when you feel that being independent is the most important aspect and goal of your life. However, the first step of this independence is to not ask for any financial help from your parents, especially in the case of traveling and sponsoring your travel escapade. We, at Hovos, will let you achieve this liberty and independence easily. You can travel with just helping and working in return for a free accommodation, meals and sometimes pay too!

There are hosts available that need their child to be taught English during vacations and therefore, needs volunteers for this. You can easily search for the place you want to visit and a host that is seeking help in childcare or teaching their child English. Did you ever think that your command on a language could fetch you a free travel trip? We bet never!

Your Software knowledge fetches you free travel trip!

Computer help jobs abroad

Computer help jobs abroad

Are you a software geek? Your love for software and computers is now fetching you a free stay and meals at the local house of the place you wish to travel. Travelling for free is not always taken that you do not have enough money to sponsor your trip but this is, in fact, a challenge and adventure to get through on how to travel the world for free.

Hosts from some places seek people having knowledge of software and hardware of a computer. And if you are pretty good at it, and can help them, you are good to go! Just volunteer for the task and also have a look at what they offer you in return and sign in for the job! Isn’t that an easy task to travel the world for free. You get paid for what you are best at on your vacations and also a place to stay and eat.

Basically, traveling should not involve much expense and you should not be a spendthrift if you are a traveler, a backpacker, or a wanderlust. In case you think you are any one of these, you should always be finding ways to save and spend least on your travel trip. If you spend too much on your trips you are not a traveler but a tourist. And you the huge difference between the two!

So, even if back at your place you are software geek, a money woman or man, but are an ardent traveler, you will certainly have traits to seek places where you can save and travel with least expense. Here, Hovos, offers you services, hosts from all around the globe seeking help in their chores of work, and offering place to stay and two times meal to the volunteer that completes their task! So, now you know how to travel the world for free!


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