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Viaje India del Norte y Rajasthán

viaje India del Norte y Rajasthán |

La agencia de viajes y tours Swadeshi Journey es excelente! Yo la encontre en internet, aca en trip advisor y luego de ver sus diversos tours y leer sus evaluaciones y comentarios, conversar, cotizar con ellos etc Decidi hacer mi tour con ellos. Yo trabajo llevando gente a diversos países, y ellos son mi agencia en INDIA. Ellos me organizaron todo con perfecta nitidez… orden, profesionalismo… Para mi primer tour, y con solo una vez de Hbaer ido a India, confíe en ellos para que me recomendaran hoteles, restaurantes, tours etc. Simplemente todo salió perfecto. Nuestro tour fue de 10 días por Raajastan, visitando varios lugares, con tiempos limitados y visitando templos, lugares locales etc. La verdad fue todo excelente…no puedo esperar mas. Ahora tengo una familia alla en Delhi, una agencia de calidad en quien puedo confiar 100% para mi trabajo que se que cualquier cosa que les ponga en mano la van a poder realizar y va a salir perfecto todo!. De verdad recomiendo esta agencia desde para tours cortos, tours de grupos, tours especializados, lo que necesiten. Namaste y gracias Girish y su padre!


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    Thanks, great article.

  • Marcoji

    I have started traveling to India since 1985 and have met many interesting spiritual masters and Indian figures of great importance. My travels have been made with the ever-increasing frequency to the point of getting to India at least once a year,  so,  before I have involved my friends and with the time I saw the possibility of organizing trips for those people who are interesting to the culture and spirituality of India without forgetting the tourist aspect of such an important trip as that in India. In recent years I’ve always been served by various Indian tourist agency,  having had many different problems.. Until I was contacted by Girish,  a young man, an extremely  professional tour operator. The trip made with him was under all the points of view, the best one. Girish has proved to be an attentive and trustworthy contributing employee, always ready to give the right advice in all situations, the choice of the hotels, the best restaurants, the economically important aspect, the best excursions, the temples to visit and so on . I personally intend to use his agency and especially his collaboration in my upcoming travels. All the participants on my last trip had a great impression on Girish. The beautiful moments spent together and the unforgettable journey in India will remain in our hearths forever. I strongly reccomend to use his services and in particular his collaboration as I consider him a great guide, a trusted agency and a great travel companion. Namaste. Un saluto carissimo e fanti auguri a tutti coloro che viaggeranno con Girish, buona India, Ciao!


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